Top Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Woman trying different concealed carry positions

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Wondering what're the best concealed carry positions for women? Perhaps you've tried multiple positions and you're not sure which one suits you best. 

Concealed carry for men is much easier than for women because of the differences in body structure. In addition, women's clothing options don't allow much flexibility for concealed carrying. You may require a variety of female gun holsters for different outfits. Carrying your gun in the wrong position may not only be uncomfortable for you, but it can also risk exposure. Since most people feel threatened by the sight of an exposed weapon, finding the right holster and carry position is vital to responsible gun ownership.

With that in mind, whether you're a new gun owner or an avid carrier looking to find a better position to conceal carry, we're here to help. We'll review the top concealed carry positions for women to help you feel more confident and comfortable carrying your gun around.

How to Conceal Carry for Women

There are two ways to conceal carry for women: 

  • On-body concealed carrying: Wearing your gun on your body
  • Off-body concealed carrying: Carrying your gun in a bag, purse, fanny pack, pocket, etc

Safety is crucial when carrying a gun, concealed or otherwise. Whichever way you choose to conceal carry, you must use a proper holster to ensure your gun is safe and secure. 

Your gun going off due to improper safety measures is considered negligent. You may be prosecuted either as a misdemeanor or felony depending on your state and whether someone was hurt by the negligent or accidental discharge.

Best Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Every woman has her preferred concealed carry position. Versatile clothing options women have give an advantage of having multiple positions to conceal carry. However, what works for one woman may not necessarily work for you. The good news is that whatever position you choose to carry, there's a comfortable gun holster designed to carry on specific positions and secure your gun.

Here are some top concealed carry positions for women

1. On the Appendix— Inside the Waistband

Inside the waistband or IWB carry positions are some of the most common concealed carrying methods for both men and women. With the right IWB holster, you can carry your gun anywhere around your waistline. However, the spot right on the appendix (AIWB) is one of the most comfortable carry positions because it's soft and the gun won't lie on any bone. 

What's more, the AIWB method provides easy access and faster drawing should you need to use your firearm and protection from gun grabbers or snatchers.    

2. Behind the Hip

Still, on the IWB carry methods, positioning your gun behind the hip is one of the best concealed carry positions for women.

Men's clothing allows them to carry right on the hip and their body structure allows room for total concealment. The female form, however, is curvier and so wearing your gun slightly behind your hip is a better position for three reasons:

  • The glute muscles provide cushioning for extra comfort  
  • The curvature of the hip helps conceal the firearm better
  • Proximity to the arm provides a much easier and faster draw

3. Around Your Belly

With the growing popularity of belly band holsters for women, concealed carry around the belly is one of the most favorite carry positions for women. 

First, it's the least suspicious carrying position, which means you can draw out your weapon without spooking an attacker. Secondly, the softness of the belly makes it comfortable to carry and easy to conceal under clothing. In addition, you don't need a belt to carry in belly band holsters and so it works well with clothing that don't have belt loops, as long as you can access it from the belly or waist area.

4. On Your Inner Thigh

The inner thigh concealed carry position is the ultimate girl-power position for an uptown girl who loves her dresses and skirts. The best part about carrying on your inner thigh is total concealment. What's more, the inner thigh position is very easy to draw from, especially when seated. 

5. Around Your Ankle

Ankle carry is one of the best concealed carry positions, especially if you're carrying more than one firearm. Granted, the area around your ankle is not the most comfortable position but with the right ankle holster, you'll have enough cushioning for a more comfortable conceal carry. Ankle carry positions help you keep a low profile for EDC, and is versatile to be worn in most positions around your leg.

Woman choosing concealed carry position with ankle holster

On-body methods are the safest concealed carry methods that don't subject your gun to protection grabs or prying hands. Even so, for those who don't feel comfortable strapping on a holster, you can consider other options such as carrying in a pocket holster or a fanny pack holster, or a purse holster.

How to Choose a Women's Holster

Several factors come into play when choosing the right female concealed carry holster. That said, there are three most significant factors which are:

  • The type of gun and size
  • Your preferred concealed carry position
  • Comfort 

Gun holsters for women and men alike, come with a weapon compatibility list. While most are compatible with more than one type of firearm, it's important to check first to ensure you buy the right holster for your gun. Different carry positions call for different gun holsters. Think about what you'll be wearing most of the time when carrying and get a gun holster that will work for a majority of your clothing. While safety is key when conceal carrying, comfort goes a long way in responsible conceal carrying. The last thing you want to do is keep adjusting your gun just because you're uncomfortable either with the carrying position or holster. 

Tips to Concealed Carry for Women

More women are owning guns today than ever before. A recent study shows that 50% of new gun owners are women. That said, gun ownership and concealed carrying come with great responsibility. Most people learn on the go, since there are no finite techniques for concealed carrying methods. However, a few tips and tricks can help you learn how to conceal carry like a pro, even if you just got started.

  1. Take time to practice

The first few times carrying your firearm, you are sure to feel odd and slightly uncomfortable. So take time at the gun range to practice holding and using your firearm, drawing, and putting it back so you can feel more comfortable with it.

Note: Practice helps you build muscle memory so that drawing your gun from a specific position becomes a natural instinct.

  1. Get the right holster

Your holster can either make it or break it for you when it comes to concealed carrying. You may not get it right the first try but shop around and try different holsters before settling on one.

  1. Understand the concealed carry laws

While most places allow concealed carrying, there are those that don't. Read about the carrying policies in your state and the federal laws on concealed carry to ensure you're in compliance with the law at all times.

  1. Stop touching your gun

It's natural to want to feel your gun for the first few times you carry it. However, touching your gun draws too much attention to you and you may end up exposing it or worse, leaving it unsecured from the retention strap.

The Right Holster Makes All the Difference for Concealed Carry Positioning

The essence of concealed carry is you provide yourself with protection while keeping your firearm concealed from those around you. Concealed carry holsters help you secure your gun and carry it around comfortably. 

At ComfortTac, safety and comfort are our top priorities with regard to gun ownership. We provide quality gun holsters for women and men to ensure maximum comfort and safety while conceal carrying. Shop with us today to find the right holster for your firearm.