Woman concealed carrying in purse gun holster for safety

Top Reasons To Use a Purse Gun Holster

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Woman concealed carrying in purse gun holster for safety

You bought a handgun for safety, now, where to carry it? A purse gun holster is the answer to your concealed carry question.

Women are buying and carrying more handguns than ever. According to CBS News, in 2017 one in five women owned a gun, and that number is rising. If you've bought a gun for yourself recently, you've probably noticed that your options aren't limited to pink (Seriously. Pink.), but are now designed to fit the female hand—they are lighter and slimmer, with less recoil.

Until recently, women's purse gun holsters were smaller versions of the men's stuff—the "pink it and shrink it" approach. And let's face it, lots of women don't even like pink. Several women entrepreneurs launched lines of clothing, holsters, and even purses that are specifically designed for women with a concealed carry license—made for and by the people who know best what women want. A purse gun holster.

Why a Purse Gun Holster is a Good Idea

There are people who strongly advise against carrying in your purse, and they have valid reasons; primarily that the wrong person could easily get your gun from you—it could be a thief, or a child poking around if you place it on the floor or within reach. Simple training in gun safety and vigilance around your firearm at all times will prevent accidents, as you would never leave any weapon where a child could possibly get to it. As far as assailants go, it's easier to draw your gun from your purse than from your pocket.

Concealed carrying in your purse gun holster beats not having any protection at all. These proponents are very careful to reinforce the importance of being proactive with the preventative steps that ensure firearm safety. This includes gun safety training, being super alert and vigilant, and keeping your body in contact with your purse all the time.

Many women also find that some outfits just aren't built to carry even a small gun and that having the purse option is the only real alternative. Let's get one thing clear now—no one is advocating having your gun roll around in your bag with your lipstick and cell phone. Always keep your gun holstered, regardless of where you keep it.

Five reasons to use a purse gun holster

holster that's specifically designed for your pocket is also a great option for your purse. Here's why.

1. Safety first

Women who are reluctant to carry in their purses often say it's because they're worried about an accidental discharge. If you're a novice to firearms, this might make sense. You're taught that the guns are motion sensitive and could go off accidentally. Many women also carry purses that resemble Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag, and having their gun rattling around with car keys, lipstick, and laptops could create problems. Once you've been through gun safety training and learn that you always have your gun safely away from children and that you always have it holstered, these drawbacks aren't as much of an issue.

If you're going to carry in your purse, buy one or two that have dedicated holster pockets for your gun. A purse gun holster keeps your gun secure, both in your purse and safe from firing accidentally.

2. They're lightweight and streamlined

Purse gun holsters are made to conceal your gun under clothing, so that's going to be the most lightweight and low profile option for your purse. Look for a holster that's ambidextrous, so you can easily draw it from the bag with your dominant hand.

3. You get an easy, smooth draw

A purse gun holster should have a lining that lets the gun glide out smoothly, with a textured exterior to ensure the holster stays put in your bag. Some pocket holsters also have a rubber strap that keeps it in place in the bag.

4. Size does matter

A subcompact or micro pistol is the gun of choice for many women; they are small but firearms like the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380, Beretta CZ, and Walther all pack a  mighty punch. Pocket holsters are designed for these small guns, so they stay snug and stable until you need to draw.

5. Style matters, too

Black is the new pink in women's handguns, but you still want yours to look good. A purse gun holster protects the finish so it doesn't get  all scratched and scuffed banging against all the other stuff you have in your purse.

Purse safety tips

The reality is that a gun in your purse is only as safe as you make it. Aside from keeping your gun holstered, here are some tips for maximum safety.

Invest in the right purse

  • When you have a bag that's specifically designed for concealed carry, you're halfway there. These purses have features that your ordinary purse doesn't, like a holster compartment. Some manufacturers put locks on that compartment, so that you have extra security if you store your purse in a drawer at work, for example. A crossbody bag is the best choice for a carrying purse. This lets you hold the bag close to your body so it's harder for an attacker to get, and lets you draw faster if need be.

Practice your draw

  • The idea of trying to be QuickDraw McGraw is a daunting concept for many women who would like to carry in their purse. But as they say, practice makes perfect. Look for safety training classes in your area where you can learn how to draw quickly from your purse gun holster, and then practice until you're comfortable with your skills. Training is a good idea regardless of where you carry; knowing the best positions for you to draw your gun will help anytime you feel threatened.
Purse Gun Holster Features

Closing thoughts

Women are taking more and more control of their lives, and this definitely includes a greater interest in concealed carry. Where exactly to carry has always been the challenge for lots of females who would like the protection of a firearm. Let's face it, until recently most holsters were designed for men—women's clothing isn't made to conceal a holster in the waistband, under a jacket, and certainly not on your ankle—that would totally ruin the look of the Louboutins. A micro holster on your ankle could also be confused with an ankle monitor, which is not a great look for any woman. 

A purse designed for women to safely carry a pocket holster makes gun ownership more appealing, so solving the problem of how to carry may encourage more women to get a concealed carry license. 

Before you drop your gun in your purse, be sure you are ready to draw it if necessary and you've taken all the safety steps to ensure it's safely secured in a pocket holster and you've had the training to know how to draw from that holster. Shop ComfortTac today to find the right holster for you.