Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sit down while wearing the belly band holster?

Comfortable sit, bend, and move freely without your holster, or gun, digging into your ribcage. 

Do you have concealed carry holsters for left-handed people?

Yes! We have specially designed gun holsters for left-handed shooters. Simply navigate to the holster you’re interested in and Select “Left” in the Hand Orientation field. Shop our selection of left-hand draw holsters here.

Is the retention strap elastic and/or stretchy?

Yes, the strap is made with material that is similar to those used in medical support braces.

Are the Comfort Tac Concealed Carry holsters hot to wear?

Our concealed carry holsters are made with breathable fabric. Many of our customers wear our holsters while working out!

Will the Ultimate Belly Band Holster fit my waist?

The Ultimate Belly Band Holster comes in 2 sizes. Regular and XL. The Regular belly band measures 42" in circumference and will fit a belly up to 44" around. The XL belly band measures 54" and will fit a belly up to 56". 

How to measure your belly for a Comfort Tac Concealed Carry Holster:

To measure your belly simply take a seamstress tape measure and wrap it around your belly at the largest point. Do NOT go by your waist or pant size unless your hips are larger around your belly. For the best, most comfortable fit, go by the largest measurement when deciding which size is right for you. 

I have a small waist - will the Ultimate Belly Band Fit?

Our belly band is made of neoprene and the entire outside of the band is made from a material that acts as the "loop" side of Velcro (also known generically as Hook and Loop). So the hook size (hook is the jagged side of Velcro) will grab onto any area on the outside of the belly band. It should fit any size waist measuring up to 44".

Will the Ultimate Belly Band Holster fit my gun?

The Ultimate Belly Band Holster is very versatile and fits a wide range of full-size, compact, mid-compact, and sub-compact guns. Odds are good that it will fit your gun. The holster section is made of surgical grade elastic and will stretch to accommodate just about any concealed carry gun on the market. Some full-size guns like 1911's and other full-size pistols and revolvers may be more difficult to conceal and if the gun is very long you may experience a front sight snag as the barrel will stick past the end of the elastic holster. But if you are talking about a concealed carry size gun it should fit without issue.

Our gun holster for women & men is compatible with: 

  • Glock 19, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 42, 43 
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Bodyguard 
  • M&P Shield 
  • Sig Sauer 
  • Ruger 
  • Kahr 
  • Beretta 
  • Springfield 
  • Taurus PT111
  • Kimber 
  • Rock Island
  • Bersa
  • Kel Tec 
  • Walther 
  • and more

If my gun has a laser will it fit?

Many compact and subcompact guns now have integrated lasers and many will fit. However, guns with accessory rails and larger guns with integrated lasers may not fit. The critical point of fit on the holster is at the bottom where the barrel of your gun passes through the holster. That space measures 2". So, if the area at the end of your barrel measures more than 2" wide it is not going to fit. That said many customers have simply modified the holster by cutting the stitching and sewing in new stitching to accommodate their laser which is perfectly fine and very easy to do.

How do I wash my belly band or ankle holster?

You can hand wash your holster in warm soapy water by soaking it and working it with your hands. Then thoroughly rinse under cold water and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

Can you carry a gun in your pocket without a holster?

It’s not recommended without a holster. Carrying a gun in your pocket without a holster puts your firearm at risk of snagging with anything else you may be carrying in the same pocket, increasing the chance of a negligent discharge and harming yourself or others. It is possible to carry a gun safely in your pocket ONLY with a holster designed explicitly for pocket carrying.