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How to Use a Pocket Holster Effectively

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Pocket Holsters for Concealed Carry | ComfortTac

Do you own a pistol? If you do, how do you carry your pistol or revolver? There are many ways you can have your firearm. For example, you can walk around with your gun on your hip or under your arms.

Besides, you can carry your pistol in your pants pocket. You can opt for a way that feels comfortable for you. So, if you prefer having your gun in your pockets, we are here to help you.

ComfortTac brings you the best way to carry your pistol, with our pocket holsters. We have developed features that make them stand out from the crowd. Yes, we make sure that all that you order delivers.

Table of Contents

  • How To Pocket Carry Properly
  • Pros and Cons of Pocket Carry
  • Tips to Successful Pocket Carry
  • Conclusion

How To Pocket Carry Properly

You should master how to use your pocket holster. Below are the guidelines you should follow. Look at them and understand how to use your soft pocket holster or the regular pocket holster. 

Familiarize yourself with your pocket holster: Don't rush to use the pocket if you don't know how to use it. Instead, take time and get familiarized with the pocket holster.

Park your gun into the holster while outside: Insert your trigger into the holster when both are out. Then, when you park your gun inside the pocket holster, you can pocket the holster and the gun.

Keep your holster pocket free: Don't carry your pocket holster with other items. Carry your keys, wallet, phone, and knives in another pocket. These items can block your way when drawing your gun. Again, the items can snag your weapon and lead to unintended discharge.

Do everything outside your pocket: Re-holster from the outside of your pocket. From the outside, you can replace the rig in the pocket. In addition, if you do everything from the outside, you will avoid controllable accidents. Such accidents include expelling unplanned bullets.

Don't put your hands in your pocket anyhow: When your gun is in the pocket holster, it's always safe. You can only set your hand in the pocket when you draw the pistol. Putting your hands in the pocket indicates that you are carrying a concealed gun. Avoid this; it can attract attention from the people around you. 

Practice your pocket draw: Drawing a gun from the pocket holster is different from hip or chest draw. Take your time and practice how to get your gun from its holster. The holster can be either a front pocket holster or a back pocket holster fast. 

In 2017 we researched and we got an opportunity to participate in holster supply. We decided to make unique pocket holsters for our customers. Our holsters are thinner, lighter and comfortable. The holsters conceal your gun with no additional weight. Here is a list of the types of pocket holsters you can get from us:

  1. The Ultimate Pocket Holster For Concealed Carry
  2. The Protector Premium Pocket Holster For Concealed Carry - Subcompact & Micro

Pros and Cons of a Pocket Holster


  1. Concealment: You can conceal your pistol with a small gun and a deep pocket. Also, when using a pocket holster, you will not expose the print of your gun.
  2. Comfort and convenience: For a concealed carrier, pocket holsters work miracles. Pocket holsters will give you the most outstanding comfort. Besides, they will provide you with ultimate ease to access your pistol.


  1. Convenient for small firearms: Pocket holsters design carries small, lightweight pistols. To conceal the gun in your pocket, go for small guns that fit in your pocket.
How to Use a Pocket Holster | ComfortTac

Tips to Successful Pocket Carry

Although pocket carry gets neglected, it is an excellent option when done safely. A pocket carry is a viable option. Yes, with the right gun, clothing, and the correct revolver pocket holster. Here are some tips for holsters for pocket carry.

  1. Get the right gun: Get a pistol that can fit well in your pocket. Don't go for the tiniest gun in the market; go for a medium-sized weapon that works for you.
  2. Wear the Right Clothes: Go for clothes with large pockets. The pockets should hold your gun and allow you to move. Also, your pocket should be roomy enough for you to grab and draw your weapon.
  3. Logistics of pocket carry: Follow all the guidelines for pocket carry to work well. Always have your gun in one pocket. Then, when you know where you put your pistols, you will reach them when needed.
  4. Never Pocket Carry Without a Holster: Yes, a pocket isn't a holster. Your pocket material is not strong enough to protect a pistol. To pocket carry, use a holster.
  5. Park an Ammunition: Don't get tempted to leave spare ammunition. If you can carry an extra magazine for full size.45, why forget ammunition? Carry extra ammunition to feed your pistol when the need arises.
  6. Keep Your Hands Off: If your pants are well fitted, your pocket pistol won't cause attention. Don't avoid touching the pocket unless you want to draw the gun. Self-defense practitioners and law enforcement personnel have spotted concealed firearms when mishandled.

Our pocket holsters have the following features.

  • They have a hook: The hook holds the corner of your pocket when you draw your gun. It makes it easy for you to draw your pistol.
  • They have an eyelet: The eyelet secures your pistol and the pocket pistol holster.
  • They have a thumb tab: The thumb tab allows you to unholster your gun. You will use your thumb to press to unholster.
  • They have a curve: The curve conceals your gun inside your pocket.


Use a revolver pocket holster to enjoy the most extensive benefits from pocket carry. Pocket gun holsters are the best for concealed carry. But you can't compare pocket carry to handgun pocket holsters. It would help if you practiced how to use concealed carry pocket holsters. Consider getting the best holster for pocket carry from Comfort Tac. Choose us; choose the best pocket carry holsters.

Get a pocket holster from ComfortTac today, and you will love it. Then, contact us to order and get guidance from our professionals.