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The Ultimate Guide to Female Concealed Carry Options

- ComfortTac Brand Team 

female carrying concealed with waistband holster

The practice of concealed carry allows licensed individuals to carry a concealed weapon on their person in public locations. In order to safely and comfortably conceal carry, you should be aware of the wide variety of options available. Women can easily conceal carry on their body, and have the options to purse carry or use their handbag. Either option can provide a secure sense of safety — both that the weapon is easily accessible to you and that the weapon is fully concealed and won't discharge accidentally or fall into the wrong hands. Whether you just received your concealed carry license or you're looking for a more comfortable, versatile option, read through this guide to learn more about your options. We'll cover:

  • Tips for conceal carrying for women
  • On-body: female concealed carry options
  • Off-body: female concealed carry options
  • How to choose the right women's holster for you

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Tips to Concealed Carry for Women

There are a lot of different female concealed carry options. While that gives you room to find the perfect choice for your preferences, it also means zeroing in on the right choice is challenging. Follow these tips to find the right concealed carry method for you:

  • Consider when you want to conceal carry: Different on-body holsters are built for different types of clothing, ranging from options for leggings to options for business formal clothing to options for everyday wear like jeans and cardigans. The right conceal carry option (or options) will change based on the occasion.
  • Focus on peace of mind: Are you worried that someone will reach into your purse and accidentally take out your concealed weapon? Then focus on on-body carry options. Are you worried that you won't be able to easily draw your weapon if you're wearing it? Opt for an off-body option. You can also look for options that offer more robust locks, trigger guards, and other protective features if you're worried about an accidental firing (though these may require more practice for a smooth, fast draw).
  • Keep looking for the perfect fit: Because there are so many options, there are many that you can 'make do' with, but that's not optimal for comfort, safety, or accessibility. Don't settle for a holster or conceal carry option that works well enough or that you can use in most circumstances. Either keep searching for the perfect fit for all circumstances or develop a collection of on-body and off-body options that you can use for different circumstances.

What Is the Safest Concealed Carry Position?

Belt and on-the-waist carrying options are often considered the safest concealed carry positions. They facilitate a quick and easy draw under the vast majority of circumstances. Waist placement also prevents others from easily reaching your weapon. Start by testing an inside the waistband (IWB), strong side holster and position to see if it's a good fit for accessibility, comfort, and the motions you make throughout the day.

On-Body: Female Concealed Carry Options

On-body concealed carry options are precisely what they sound like: holsters and carrying options that keep the weapon concealed against your body. These on-body carry options include:

  • Inside the waistband holsters: typically worn between your pants waistband and body, usually in a gun belt. These holsters are popular, convenient, and virtually undetectable.
  • Outside the waistband holsters and pocket holsters: these hold the weapon on the outside of your pants. These are ideal if you frequently wear cardigans or jackets that can cover the weapon to keep it fully concealed.
  • Thigh holsters: sit on the inside or outside of your thigh.
  • Ankle holsters: these holsters hold the weapon against your ankle and which should be covered by pants legs.

Any of these options keep the weapon on your person for more control and access.

Off-Body: Female Concealed Carry Options

There are also options for carrying a concealed carry weapon without strapping the holster to yourself. These off-body carry options include:

  • Concealed carry purses and handbags: specifically designed to hold weapons. Look for a bag with a holster attached to a fixed place in the interior or use a pocket holster so you can easily draw your weapon at any time.

Cross-body bags are a popular choice amongst women for off-body carry because wearers generally carry them in the same orientation and position every time, which allows you to draw your weapon without looking down. 

How to Choose a Women's Holster

Choosing the right holster for a concealed carry weapon depends a lot on your personal preferences. Some of the key characteristics of a women's holster you will need to consider include:

1. Accessibility

If your concealed carry weapon isn't quickly accessible, it's not providing the degree of safety you need. Look for a holster that sits in a comfortable location where you can easily reach. For some women, this may be behind your back at the four o'clock position; for others, a front waistband or holster will be easier. If you're testing different holsters, look for one where you can easily put your middle, ring, and (ideally) little fingers around the front strap to facilitate an easy draw.

2. Concealability

While accessibility is essential, concealed carry weapons need to be fully concealed. Consider factors that affect your "handgun print" such as:

    • Your usual wardrobe and how clothes can aid or detract from concealment
    • The size and bulkiness of the weapon, which will be exaggerated or hidden based on placement.
    • How you move with the concealed carry weapon, which will change if the weapon is pressing against you uncomfortably
    • If your belt provides enough stability for securing and supporting a full holster

3. Safety

Look for holsters that facilitate easy draw and reholstering. Avoid holsters with releases that rely on your index finger or holsters that collapse and sage once the weapon is withdrawn. The holster also needs to be made from durable materials that won't degrade, rip, or weaken over time.

4. Retention

This factor is all about how well your holster holds the weapon without letting it fall out or be drawn by someone else. Look for holsters with proper locking mechanisms that are only easy for the wearer to undo. Also, look for a holster that provides enough support so the weapon is always in the right position, location, and orientation without moving or drooping over time.

    Can You Wear a Holster With Leggings?

    Leggings generally don't have a robust enough waistband that can support the weight of a holster and weapon. It will flop over or drag the waistband down. At worst, it won't work at all; at best, it will be obvious you're carrying a weapon. However, a waistband style holster that wraps around you and provides its own support, like a belly band, is a great option.

    What Is the Most Comfortable Holster?

    Ultimately, the most comfortable holster is the one that fits your body, movement, and reach properly. Some of the most popular concealed carry holsters for women that offer reliable comfort are:

    • Belly band holsters: These holsters are designed to sit comfortably around your waist and are made with elastic materials that allow for easy adjustment. Belly band holsters also allow for an easy front reach so you can draw your weapon as needed.
    • Corset holsters: These are like a more robust belly band holster, with a taller and more supportive profile. Corset holsters can be extremely comfortable and offer the right balance of elasticity and trigger guard protection in the design.
    • Inside the waistband holsters: This design is a slim and virtually invisible option, especially if you wear pants with structured fabrics like denim. These holsters fit inside a gun belt and won't pinch or rub throughout the day. This is one of the most popular types of comfortable holsters, you probably already have practiced drawing from an IWB-style holster.

    While thigh holsters are more about versatility than comfort, they're worth a mention here. They allow you to wear skirts and dresses without a balky holster or having to switch to an off-body weapon. Many thigh holsters also prioritize comfort by allowing for both inside and outside carry positions around the thigh.


    You don't have to sacrifice comfort for security. At ComfortTac, we specialize in comfortable concealed carry holsters and accessories that make carrying easy, comfortable, and safe across a wide range of experiences. Whether you prefer on-body or off-body carry, or you prefer a mix of options to fit different scenarios, make sure you have the right holsters so your options aren't limited.