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5 Most Comfortable Concealed Carry Gun Holsters for 2022

A gun holster is a gadget that is used to hold the undesired movement of a handgun. Holsters are usually attached to a waistband or belt but they may be attached to other parts of the body as well. Each holster provides a different level of security for your firearm. Some holsters also have a strap over the top to protect the firearm from falling. Gun holsters are designed for protecting, retaining and conveniently accessing the gun when required.

Let's go ahead and discuss some of the best and most comfortable concealed carry gun holsters for 2022:

1. The Ultimate Pocket Holster

The ultimate pocket holster is light and comfortable. It is made up of lightweight neoprene which is covered in a material that is like suede. This material covers the holster from inside and out and provides protection to your gun. It is 4 inches tall with a width of 3.25 inches. It has the capacity to fit in various guns that have an overall length of up to 5.5 inches and a width of 2.375 inches.

Pocket Holster

It is a comfortable gun holster which allows you to carry it in any of your pockets. Since the holster is completely covered in suede like material, the lining gives it a smooth draw. Whereas, the exterior grabs your pockets and makes sure that the gun does not fall off. The rubber strap also facilitates keeping the holster in your pocket while you are drawing the gun.

2. Belly Band Holster

Belly band holster is one of the most versatile and comfortable holsters available in the market. It can be worn in multiple positions on your torso including on your hip, mid back, behind the hip, appendix, etc. Most people get worried about their clothing when they have to carry a gun holster. However, with the belly band holster you can wear anything you want without having to worry. This comfortable gun holster will work with any kind of dress including yoga pants, sweat pants, skirts, gym shorts, biking shorts, etc.

Bally band holster

The Belly Band holster does not only make your clothing choice convenient but it also allows you to fit in any kind of gun that you may like. Due to the elastic band strap it is convenient to carry guns of different sizes. From subcompact to full size pistols, you can fit in any gun in this holster. It also has a silent retention strap that lets you draw your gun without making it too obvious. The holster also has a metal snap that makes sure that the draw is silent.

3. IWB Holster

This comfortable iwb holster is manufactured to make sure that you can carry your gun inside the waistband (IWB) or outside, depending on your choice. It is made with a powerful metal belt clip and a nylon retention strap that makes it stronger. Also known as the Ultimate Concealed Carry Holster, this device is made with lightweight material which won't let you feel any weight on your waistband. It also includes a foam lining which makes it easy for you to wear it.

IWB holster

The flexible holster is capable of carrying various types of pistols including Kahr P380, Kel-Tec P3AT, NAA Guardian, Micro Desert Eagle, etc. Made with industrial material, this comfortable iwb holster will pass all the tests and will stay put whenever you decide to draw your gun. It is wrapped in 600D nylon which protects it from tearing with use but still it makes it easy for you  to reach for your gun.

4. Ankle Holster

The ankle holster has an ambidextrous design that makes it convenient for you to use it. It has a calf strap which ensures that it won't slip down and stay above the ankle. Due to its versatility, it attracts lots of shooters.  You can carry it on your left and right leg. The Comfort Tac Ankle holster is made with a special blend of neoprene that makes it super comfortable and keeps it tightly tucked on your leg.

Ankle Holster

The industrial grade elastic retention and metal strap used in it provide fast and silent draw. This feature allows you to draw your gun without creating any sound. The elastic retention strap also allows you to fit in various guns including micro pocket pistols, compact pistols and subcompact pistols. 

5. Fanny Pack Holster

The fanny pack holster is rich in features and is known to be one of the most versatile gun holsters. It has an ambidextrous design that will work for your left and right hand. It has two extra magazine pouches that do not damage the finishing of the gun by rubbing against it.

fanny pack holster

The small can fit subcompact pistols, while the larger one can contain larger compact pistols. With its back foam padding, it prevents you from having any pain on your hip. While its front padding prevents your gun from getting damaged by anything that may be present in your front pocket.

Holsters For Running

Some people prefer to carry holsters while they are running or jogging. These 5 holsters hold your guns tightly and prevent them from slipping or sliding. They are perfect for people who are looking for holsters for running since they have a tight grip and are comfortable to carry as well.

We hope with this guide you find a concealed carry gun holster that's most comfortable for you!