About Us

No one should be stuck with an uncomfortable holster or one that doesn’t function when you need it the most. That’s why ComfortTac makes the most comfortable concealed carry holster on the planet.

Our Ultimate Belly Band Holster is by far the most versatile holster you will ever come across. It can be worn and carried in any position, concealed comfortably in any type of clothing, fits a wide range of firearms, and features a silent draw retention strap.

Comfortable. Versatile. Concealable. That’s our mission here at ComfortTac — and we promise to deliver that to you in every way possible.

Our History

ComfortTac was born out of a problem. In 2014, founder John Cochran was fed up with his concealed carry holster — and after trying just about every type of holster on the market, nothing seemed to work.

Like many DIY’ers out there, he decided to make his own. That’s when the Ultimate Belly Band Holster was first created. After making dozens for himself, friends, and family — the ComfortTac brand was born. Since then, ComfortTac has expanded to a full line of products with one mission: to make concealed carry comfortable.

What Our Customers Say

“If you're a small female, it's nearly impossible. However this product is the closest I've gotten to being able to conceal and being almost completely unnoticeable.”


“If you're This is a great fit!! ... I didn't want to spend a lot of money and loved that this one had a clip, instead of Velcro (for noise). This holster is soooo comfortable!!”

Kat Girl

“The BEST Holster, Dollar For Dollar! … Ima gonna tell you to BUY THIS HOLSTER - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!”

Mr. Stacey

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