Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting?

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting, Driving, Desk Job | ComfortTac

While carrying, you may want to conceal the firearm's presence. Exposing it may cause tension depending on what type of environment you’re in, making it necessary to look for the best concealed carry holster for sitting, driving, or going to the office. Hiding your weapon also reduces tension and distractions that may be caused by the gun.

Unfortunately, concealed carrying is a challenge to most people, particularly if they have to sit for long hours. Here, we will look at some of the best concealed carry holsters for sitting. We’re going to dive in and take a look at how the size of a gun and clothing affects your ability to conceal the firearm when sitting. If you recently acquired a gun and are wondering which is the best carry position for sitting, then you are in the right place. 

How to Conceal Carry While Sitting Down

To conceal carry while sitting for long hours can be a challenge. Let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when deciding how to conceal carry while sitting down.

Ease of Access

Accessibility should be your first concern when deciding how to conceal carry while sitting down. Your sitting position depends on what you will be doing, which means you will have to adopt more than one method of conceal carrying.

If you are headed to your office, a belly band holster will work or an inside the waistband if you are driving for long hours. ComfortTac’s belly band holsters are made with breathable neoprene and provide tactical convenience while being versatile to be worn in most positions.

Period of Stay

If you are only sitting for a few minutes or driving a short distance, you can use the appendix carry. The appendix carry makes it easier for you to access the gun, regardless of where you are seated. However, if you extend your stay, the gun may begin to hurt your belly.


For some people, they may have to try various positions, before they can settle for a concealed carrying position that is comfortable. Try different positions until you find the one that works for you.

Holster Design

The design of your holster should be comfortable, especially if you tend to sit for long hours. If your current holster is making you uncomfortable, it might be a good idea to change the design or material. The rule of the thumb here is to get your holster from reliable manufactures. The Ultimate Belly Band holster can be worn in almost any position, with stretchy elastic to adjust to any body type and made with breathable fabric. 

Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Sitting | ComfortTac

How Clothing Affects Concealed Carry While Sitting

What you wear and how you wear it affects concealed carry while sitting. If you are a concealed carry beginner or advanced, it’s never a bad time to reflect on what you will wear while carrying and sitting. Let’s review some options and how clothing affects your concealed carry.


Choose a belt that supports the weight of your gun. If the belt does not support the weight of the gun or holster, you risk dropping the gun or freeing it. When headed for an office meeting that may take long, wear a gun belt. Better still, you can opt for a belly band holster. Here’s a pro tip when choosing your holster size: measure your abdomen, not your waist. 

Tuck in Your Shirt

The type of holster that you wear may affect the position of your shirt line. However, tucking the shirt into your pants helps to keep the shirt line straight and avoid movements that may expose your firearm. If you do not tuck in the shirt, wear a longer shirt that falls below the waistline.

Wear a Longer Coat

Regardless of whether you have the best concealed carry holster for sitting, if you are not keen on the size of the coat you wear, you may reveal your firearm when seated. Your coat should be long enough to conceal the firearm, particularly if wearing an outside the waistband holster

The coat should not be tight fitting. A tightly fitting coat or sweater leads to printing and could be uncomfortable too.

Avoid Low Ride and Tight Pants

Low ride pants make it harder for you to conceal a firearm. Even when you have it concealed while standing, it will be exposed once you sit. Always ensure your pants reach the right level of your waist. Your gun will also print if you are wearing tight pants.

How Gun Size Affects Carry Comfort While Sitting

The size of the gun affects your comfort if you are sitting for long. Carrying a smaller gun while sitting or driving long distances helps to enhance your comfort due to the shorter grip and barrel of the gun. 

Choose the Right Carry Holster Today

Conceal carrying your weapon makes your moves unpredictable as well as reduces the tension that may be created by a gun. However, concealing the weapon may cause you discomfort and anxiety, especially when sitting for long. To reduce anxiety, you should check and practice accessing your gun, the comfort, size of the gun, and what you wear. Above all, shop for your concealed carry holster for sitting from a reliable manufacturer who can guarantee quality.

At ComfortTac we understand your need for comfort when conceal carrying. Our holsters are designed not only to offer you comfort, but also to enhance the concealing of the gun without compromising accessibility and your safety. Check out this video and see how the Ultimate Belly Band holster is best for sitting, driving, or being at your desk all day!