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How Do Recoil Pads Work?

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Man using recoil pad from ComfortTac for rifle

Remember when you first learned how to shoot, and how you were warned about flipping over backwards from the gun's kickback? Now that you're all grown up, the thought of hitting the ground from a big recoil still gives lots of hunters nightmares—what's more embarrassing than having your gun knock you back onto the ground? Or hit you so hard you completely lose your focus—and your aim? 

What is Recoil?

If you're scientifically inclined, the recoil, or kickback, from a gun is simple physics. Newton's Third Law, to be exact—the one that says every action triggers an equal and opposite reaction. But when it comes to firearms, there are really two reactions that happen when you pull the trigger. The first, or primary, reaction is the firing pin striking and causing the explosion that sends the shell forward. While you're shooting a gun, the force that's exerted on the shell simultaneously goes in the opposite direction too—right at your shoulder—which is the secondary reaction, the recoil.

Beginner shooters often struggle to hit their targets because the fear of the recoil is so overwhelming; they worry that they will not only shoot wide of the target, but drop the gun altogether. 

Fortunately, most hunters and shooting enthusiasts learn how to shoot properly and safely, and as their confidence in handling their gun grows, the fear of a knockdown recoil goes away. 

How to Reduce Recoil

The first thing you need to accept here is that it is not possible to completely get rid of recoil. What you can do is learn how to use your body as a kind of shock absorber against the kickback, equip yourself with a proper recoil pad and really just learn how to control your firearm for a limited reaction. 

Work with your body

For the best results and least kickback, honing your fundamental shooting skills is the best first step. Make sure you've got the following steps exactly right before you proceed. 

  • Proper grip
  • Proper stance
  • Trigger control 

The trick here, of course, is that once you really have mastered the grip, stance, and control of one gun, you want to switch it up and use different shotguns or rifles—all of which demand slightly different adjustments.

What Are Recoil Pads?

It stands to reason, if we're still being scientific, that some sort of barrier between forces will help absorb the shock of the reaction. This is absolutely correct—recoil pads, that fit on the stock of the shotgun, are the barrier that can dissipate some of the kickback. Recoil pads can be made from lots of materials—rubber, foam, neoprene, or any soft material. They are typically a pad that slides over the stock of the gun. 

Either way, the point of the recoil pad is to provide a buffer between the shooter's shoulder and the stock. The pad will also help the rifle stay steady on the shooter's shoulder. Aside from easing the recoil when you pull the trigger, a good recoil pad also lets you shoot longer, since you won't have a sore shoulder after just a few rounds. 

Recoil Pad Fitting | ComfortTac

How Do Recoil Pads Work?

A good recoil pad does more than ease the kickback. They should also be engineered for these qualities: 

  • Lessen the recoil energy and muzzle life
  • Reduce the peak force and rock back
  • Provide higher stability for better follow-up shows

How is one small pad designed to soften the blow of the recoil? If it's a well-designed recoil pad, like the Keeper MG Rifle and Shotgun Pad from ComfortTac, there's a hyper-absorbent gel-filled pad that can reduce gun recoil up to 70%. How does this little gel pad manage such a feat of physics? 

Here's more science. The recoil energy is converted to heat, which is more easily and evenly distributed from the point of contact—your shoulder. The result? You'll have a more reliable shot, without the pulling and flinching that are so problematic when you're tight and tense against the recoil. 

Benefits of Recoil Pads 

Since a good recoil pad distributes the recoil throughout your body, you're less likely to get injured from shooting. This means you get more time on the range, clay shooting, or in the hunting field—and you don't feel it so much the next day. More time with your guns also translates into greater accuracy and stability, which is a huge bonus during the season. 

Recoil pads are also easy to use—simply slide one onto the stock of your shotgun or rifle, and let the Visco-Elastic gel filled pad work it's magic against your shoulder. The pad fits securely on synthetic or wooden stocks, on models from Ruger, Smith, Browning, Beretta, Benelli, Remington, and many more. 

Keep your guns clean for maximum accuracy

A gunked-up gun isn't going to shoot as accurately as a clean one, so keeping your guns clean is a priority for you. ComfortTac has you covered. Our professional-grade gun cleaning kits are manufactured from premium materials and come with an enhanced parts diagram with the parts of the gun labeled, as well as cartridge and receiver dimensions. The mats are stitched along the edge and the parts are clearly labeled. The mat is also waterproofed and the labels are heat transfers that resist smearing, so you can read the diagrams after many uses. A natural tree-rubber backing also allows that mat to remain still while you're using it, and it rolls up for easy storage.  

Recoil pads are just part of your shooting arsenal

Long days in the field are only fun when you're comfortable with your equipmentHaving a good gun kickback or recoil has become a necessary accessory for serious, steady shooters and hobbyists alike. Here at ComfortTac, we offer high-quality holsters and firearm accessories that will enhance your shooting experience.