concealed carrying while running

Guide to Concealed Carry for Runners

- ComfortTac Brand Team

Concealed carry runner in the woods

We are living in an age when crime rates are constantly on the rise and they challenge our security, that of our loved ones and our hard earned assets. Using guns as deterrents and as defense tools is the right of every citizen so that people can either totally avoid an unwanted situation or defend themselves if the need arises. Although the chances of a person needing a firearm inside a gym may be lower than a person carrying while running, cycling or working out in a public park.

However, some people would always prefer to keep a firearm on them regardless of whether they are working out in a gym or outdoors. For such people, concealed carry holsters are a better option instead of revealing their weapon which may cause unnecessary anxiety in bystanders or gym partners. However, before you decide to conceal carry a handgun you must consider a few things such as:

  • Is carrying a personal firearm allowed under state & federal laws in the state you live?
  • If you work out in a gym, does gym policy permit you to carry a weapon?
  • What type of concealed carry would be compatible with what type of workout?

Best Way to Carry Concealed While Running

The best method of concealed carry is greatly dependent on the type of workout you are doing. If your workout includes rigorous exercises involving a lot of movement like running, jumping, dancing etc. it would be more challenging to concealed carry a handgun than it would be if your workout routine is simply yoga. Below we look at general tips to keep in mind for concealed carry for runners as well as workout specific methods:

Type of Weapon

The first and most important thing you should do, regardless of the type of workout you are into, is to keep a separate weapon for concealed carry i.e handguns built specifically for concealed carry. A large handgun such as a magnum .44 will be very challenging to conceal especially when you have to jump, skip, run or do samba. Concealed carry handguns are now available by countless gun makers with a variety of features. Don’t let their size and sleekness mislead you. Glock 43, Taurus G2C, S&W Shield 9mm are some of the good choices.

Type of Weapon

Type of Holster

Gun holsters are available in different varieties such as ankle holsters, pocket holsters, IWB (Inside the waistband) holsters, shoulder holsters, etc.  Ankle holsters are fastened around your ankles with a hook & loop system and can be extremely uncomfortable as well as risky if you are carrying while running. In fact, they might be the most unsuitable holster for any type of workout. Moreover, in an emergency situation they would be most time consuming to reach. IWB or inside-the-waistband holsters and pocket holsters would also not be a safe choice if your workout includes a lot of running, jumping or rigorous abrupt movements. Shoulder holsters with higher levels of retention are the best way to carry concealed while running or working out. They will hang on to your back in a V-shape while your handgun would be resting under one of your armpits and the other side could be used to keep a spare magazine. Thus, it would offer more comfort coupled with extra protection. 

Type of Holster

Concealed Carry Clothing for Running & Working Out

Wear clothing that not only suits the type of workout you are doing, but also conceals your weapon effectively with no risk of self-harm or the risk of embarrassing yourself caused by a weapon falling out in front of people.

You can use your normal clothing items depending on the weather and your workout type to effectively conceal a weapon. For instance, you can conceal an IWB holster or a shoulder holster by wearing loose shirts stitched with thick fabric such as sweatshirts or hoodies or track suits.

Now available is concealed carry clothing for running, walking, or any physical activity! Combine these specialty concealed carry clothing items with the proper holster and you can minimize the risk of revealing your weapon, or the risk of accidental discharge and at the same time be comfortable, while working out. These specialty clothing items include concealed carry holster T-shirts, tanks, jackets, trousers, leggings and even shorts. The T-shirts for instance are designed like a shoulder holster with two pockets underneath each of your armpits, one for your handgun and the other one for an extra magazine. These are available in a variety of sizes. Leggings for women have been designed in such a way that you can use them as an IWB holster, as well shirts for women have been designed to resemble a shoulder holster.

You can also use belly bands which look like a thick broad belt that you can wear underneath your shirt. It’s a combination of a holster and a belt. It is elastic and even if your body moves the handgun stays in its place. Be sure to buy the one that has an actual holster attached to the inside of the belt. These belly bands are not available for all handguns, but are compatible with most of the famous concealed carry weapons. You can also use fanny packs which have been specially built for holding guns.

Your workout routines will seldom be monotonous, therefore it’s in your interest to know the best way to carry concealed while running or working out. There will be workout routines which involve a lot of body movement with which you might not be wearing a gun, so you can keep a special sports bag with a concealed pocket to store your handgun. You can also use equipment for exercise that does not involve a lot of hard work and yet give you the same result as high intensity training. 


Remember there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the best way to carry a gun while running or working out. You should first try these options or a combination of these at home before you head out for the run.