Home Safety Tips

How to Outsmart a Burglar and Keep Your Home Safe

Home Safety Tips

To outsmart a burglar, think like one. You must bear in mind what a burglar will find an easy target and then take precautions accordingly. Here are some vulnerabilities they look for and that you need to be aware of to make your home secure.

8 Hacks to Burglar Proof Your Home

Curb and Landscaping

A luxurious curb suggests a luxurious lifestyle and says a lot about how you live. If so much effort and money has gone on the outside, for a burglar it means plenty of valuable things inside. A beautiful curb, therefore, is a welcome sign for them. When you are landscaping outside, do not focus on the aesthetic appeal only, but make sure that you do not give the thief any hiding spots. There shouldn’t be any thick bushes or big trees near the windows and doors particularly as that will give the burglars privacy to do their job with ease. Make sure to keep the bushes around your house well-trimmed. 


Windows provide a view of the interior of the house and are used for spying. It is best to draw the curtains or blinds at night to prevent passersby from viewing the inside of your house. You can also use a privacy film on the windows that will keep strangers from peeping inside and noticing your valuables, but it won’t keep you from enjoying the outside view. An interested burglar can easily plan if he knows the ins and out of your home. They can also easily spot the valuables from the windows and see how many people live in the house and whether you have an alarm or not. Keep the windows locked at all times. 

Keep the Outside Well Lit

Burglars will like to carry out the robbery in the dark. A well-lit garage or lawn will serve as a deterrent. No one will want to try to break in a house, while standing under the light from where they can be easily spotted by neighbors or even by the people passing by. If you are going on a vacation, make sure the lights outside remain lit. 

Invest in a Security Camera

Burglars avoid robbing a house that has a visible security camera. If you invest in security cameras, install them at key points like the main door or near the window. Burglars would rather opt for a house without it to avoid the hassle of trying to keep away from the camera views and facing the risk of being identified. 

Invest in Security Systems 

Nowadays there are all kinds of sophisticated security systems for the interiors as well as the exterior of the house. The advanced technological security equipment includes sensors and motion detectors that can be installed near the doors and windows. Then there are sirens to let everyone know about the intrusion and emergency dispatch  services. Other than that, top class alarm system solutions, 24/7 professional monitoring services and wireless driveway alarms for the outdoors are also available in the market.

If you are not going to be home for a long period of time, then be sure that you make someone responsible for picking your mail; this can be your neighbors or friends. If the mails keep building up, it is an indication for the thief that you are not at home and he will try to make the most use of this opportunity. Also, make sure to keep the lights on at night or ask your neighbor to do it for you while you are gone. If you have a timer to do that then nothing like it. You can also ask your neighbors to park in your driveway to make sure that if anyone is looking to break in, he knows that the house is in use and not an abandoned property.

Main Door

The main door must be solid with a smart lock. It is not uncommon to hear that burglars came inside by kicking down the door. The main door therefore should be strong with bolts and smart locks, the more different locks there are the harder and more time consuming will be the job of the robber. Don’t hesitate to invest in a good lock, because you stand to lose so much if you overlook this. 

Keep a Dog

Robbers are always deterred by dogs because they are fierce protectors. Even a sign saying “Beware of Dogs” will serve as a good deterrence because a burglar would not want the added fuss of dodging the dog.  Once a man’s best friend spots an intruder, it can wake the entire neighborhood by barking continuously. 

Find an Unusual Spot to Hide Your Valuables

If worse comes to worst the burglar enters your home space, he knows where to head to get all your cash, jewelry and such valuable and important belongings. They come prepared and you should be prepared as well. Do not hide all this stuff at the predictable places, but keep the hiding spots unusual so that they do not rob you off completely and your most precious stuff stays safe. 

Life situations are uncertain. We keep thinking that nothing will happen to us and when something does happen, then we regret not being prepared enough and not having taken all the precautionary measures that could have prevented the unfortunate event. So, always do your homework, as they say it is best to be safe than sorry. Don’t be a victim!