Concealed Carry and Back Pain: Choose a Better Holster

Concealed Carry and Back Pain: Choose a Better Holster

Crime rates are high all over the world, so whether your profession requires you to carry a gun or you prefer to carry it for safety purposes, there are a number of challenges that come with it. One of these is back pain which results from concealed carrying of a gun that is placed inside a holster tied to a person’s waist. A lot of people who suffer from back pain assume that they have to live with it at the expense of their safety or profession. However, that is not the case. The simple solution is to choose a holster that is lightweight and provides premium comfort. 

Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when choosing a holster that can prevent back pain.

Choosing a concealed carry holster

1. Check the Material of the Holster

A leather holster may feel fancy, but it isn’t too comfortable. The material is not absorbent, hence it can get irritating to wear in humid or hot weather. Similarly, it isn’t stretchable which can be very uncomfortable when readjusting the holster. It’s best to go for a synthetic fabric like Kydex that is sweat-resistant and elastic. A leather suede mix is also a good option because it has a very soft feel that adds to comfort.

2. Pick a Good Gun Belt

The material of a gun belt is just as important as the holster. If it is too soft, you will be required to tighten it in order to keep the holster in place. This can be extremely harmful because it can cause an injury when you move to take out the pistol or bend down. Thus, go for a belt with a sturdy material. A tactical gun belt can help secure a good fit and helps you conceal carry with ease.

3. Buy a Smaller Gun

Heavy guns are a very common cause for back pain. Carrying a heavy weight around can result in prolonged damage to the body. While police officers are assigned guns from their departments, they can choose to carry a smaller gun when they are off duty. A citizen that carries a gun for safety purposes can also do the same in order to relieve some pressure off of the hip.

4. Invest in the Right Holster

One of the most common holsters is the IWB (Inside the waistband) holster because it offers easy access to the firearm, thus offering more security. However, some average versions of IWB holsters result in increased discomfort and on top of that they do not come cheap. 

The wrong holster can not only result in back pain, but can also cause hip pain. The wrong size or material of the holster causes a lot of pressure on the hip which can be quite painful after prolonged use. Always invest in a custom fit holster that fits well with the shape of your body. It should have no collapse when the gun is taken out.

The best thing to do is to buy a holster that has a money back guarantee. This allows you to not only test its comfort, but also its safety features and ensure that the trigger is protected. Individuals can also conduct the ‘Shake test’ i.e. shake the holster with the gun inside to check whether it falls out or not. These tests and actions allow you to assess the value for money that the holster provides.

5. Remain Physically Fit

This may not have anything to do with choosing the right holster, but it is a major factor in preventing back pain when carrying one. Those who are overweight, have a higher chance of suffering from back pain because of the added weight and are also more susceptible to serious injuries.    

Dealing with Back Pain Caused by Concealed Carry

Even if the damage has already been caused by using the wrong holster, it is not irreversible. There are a lot of ways back pain can be eased, the first being changing your holster. Other remedies include exercise and massaging.

Exercise helps to activate your muscles and keep them in shape. Focus on exercises specially targeted towards the lower back and hip in order to strengthen these muscles. If needed, hire a fitness instructor to build a proper routine and get back in shape as soon as possible.

Massaging is also another great alternative as it helps to relax the body muscles. It is an essential solution especially for the elderly who risk tearing muscles while performing strenuous exercises. Thus, these individuals need to invest in a good massager and regularly massage the lower back muscles to relieve back pain. Here are a few more ways to deal with concealed carry back pain

Last but not the least, if nothing else works and the problem persists, consult a medical practitioner. This could either reveal a serious injury that requires surgery or it could also reveal that your back pain may have some other underlying cause that can be fixed with medication. Do not ignore back pain because the longer it persists, the more serious it can become.