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As a gun owner, you probably are familiar with ankle holsters. Like many other concealed carry techniques, you must do your homework before you decide to carry-conceal using an ankle holster. It would help if you also know your physical ability to effectively draw your gun from the ankle holster.

Knowing more about a concealed carry ankle holster can help you choose the best ankle holster that suits your needs. This post will help your decision-making process when buying an ankle holster.

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  • What is Ankle Carry?
  • Benefits of Ankle Carry
  • How to Use an Ankle Holster
  • How to Determine whether Ankle Carry is Right for You?
  • How to Wear an Ankle Holster
  • Ankle Holster Tips

What is Ankle Carry?

Ankle carry is self-explanatory since it refers to the ankle as the location where you place a gun. This is the most preferred concealed carry for backup guns. Backup guns are suitable for people who prefer having secondary guns if their primary firearms fail or are not available.

Benefits of Ankle Carry 

Though it's not the most preferred option to conceal carry, ankle carry comes with several benefits. Firstly, ankle carry allows you to have a backup gun. For some reason, your primary firearm can be rendered useless or malfunction. If that happens, at least your backup gun will be available for your use.

Secondly, an ankle carry allows you to carry your gun easily in places where other carry-conceal options wouldn't do. For instance, if you're stuck to a function that adheres to specific dress codes like skirts, dresses, and suits, you can easily conceal your ankle strap gun with ease.

Thirdly, if you have happened to work in a job that requires a lot of sitting, an ankle carry would be the best way to conceal your gun. Furthermore, it's easier to draw a weapon from your ankle holster in a seated position.

Finally, an ankle holster can be coupled as a spare magazine holder. If you're in a profession that involves a lot of shooting, ankle carry would be the best option not only to hold your extra magazine but conceal it.

How to Use An Ankle Holster

The first step to a practical ankle carry is to have a good ankle holster. You probably think that carrying a gun inside your boot would be effective, but unfortunately, this won't prevent it from popping out while engaging in intensive activities like running.

Many people conceal their ankle holster at the inside part of their ankle. Therefore, a right-handed person should wear a holster and gun on the inside of their left ankle. If you're left-handed, you should wear it at the inside part of the right ankle. Some people prefer using an ankle holster with a calf strap to add comfort and security.

Others may prefer ankle carrying on the outside ankle, especially when wearing cow-boy or high-topped style boots. The only drawback with this option is concealment. It's harder to conceal a gun unless you're wearing a big belly bottom or baggy style pants.

How Do You Determine Whether Ankle Carry is Right for You?

There are a few factors that determine the suitability of an ankle carry. First, you should assess your physical abilities and limitations to access the gun and the ankle holster.

You should also have a good holster that can retain your firearm. There are a variety of comfortable holsters you can choose from. Choose your ankle holster based on its adjustability and security. A leather ankle holster might be a suitable option, but to others, it might be too heavy and too hot for prolonged daily use, thus preferring the composite option.

Additionally, consider whether you're comfortable carrying both primary and secondary firearms simultaneously. Remember, ankle conceal-carry is suitable for small guns. Unfortunately, small guns are not entirely effective. Therefore, if you prefer to use ankle carry, it's much more effective for backup guns than primary ones.

How Do You Wear an Ankle Holster

Concealing your ankle holster requires you to wear the right pants and position them correctly. Suitable tactical pants include covert tactical pants, tactical jeans, and cargo pants.

You must also be cautious when crossing your legs or sitting down. Your pants tend to rise when sitting and even rise more when crossing your legs. Therefore, look for longer-length pants and always avoid positioning the holster higher on your leg if you're a leg crosser.

How to Wear an Ankle Holster | ComfortTac

Ankle Holster Tips

When you're buying an ankle holster, several things to consider. These things are as follows:

  • Do they sell ankle holster for specific guns, or is it a one-size-fits-all option
  • Do they have the padded ankle holster?
  • Do their ankle holster have retention straps?
  • Does the holster come with a calf gun holster, and do I need it?

You'll choose an ankle holster that suits your needs by answering these questions. However, you must practice and test yourself how to draw from an ankle holster and present your gun. This would help you make a considerable difference when circumstances demand actions.

How to Wear an Ankle Holster with Jeans

You need bootcut pants to wear an ankle holster with jeans. These pants are better than other styles of jeans due to their ankle opening. The opening is loose enough to cover and conceal your weapon. Bootcut jeans also don't have excess fabric that gets in your way.

How to Use Ankle Gun Holster for Running

The best way to use an ankle holster for running is by wearing it with compression socks, preferably with loose and comfortable fabric. The compression socks ensure that your ankle holster isn't rubbing directly to your skin.

Other Attire Considerations for Ankle Holsters

To make your ankle carry more comfortable, you should wear tall compression socks. Even the most breathable and comfortable ankle holster can irritate your skin after wearing it for a full day. Using socks to wear your ankle holster allows it to sit on your ankle.

You should also consider wearing boots and socks that match your ankle holster. This will be useful if you're pants usually rides up while seating since it's not easy to know whether you have a weapon as the holster matches with your shoes and socks. 

The Key Takeaway 

Ankle carry can be a suitable concealed carry option if you wear longer skirts/dresses or wider pants. It can also be effective if you choose a holster suited for you. So, if you're skeptical about using an ankle holster as your concealed carry option, you now know how to wear and use it effectively.

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