Where to Keep Your Gun When You Sleep

Where to Keep Your Gun Safe While Sleeping?

While the most convenient placement for your firearms might appear to be the nightstand, it is not always possible or safe. For instance if someone is living in a shared space or has children in the house, the nightstand is neither the safest nor the recommended option. So, what's the best place where to keep your gun safe?

Firearms are kept as a source of protection, but in a nightstand and in the event of a break-in, the very guns kept for safety can become a liability because the intruders might hit the nightstands first, considering that it is the most common place where homeowners keep their guns.

Sleeping with a gun under your pillow is wrong on so many levels as well. Even if it is secure and the lock is on, do you really want to test it and risk it going off?

Where to Keep Your Gun Safe

So, Where to keep your gun safe at night?

In today’s time, the single-location gun storage might not be the solution anymore. Having a decentralized gun storage mechanism is a more effective method as to where to keep your gun safe. A combination of different places, preferably under lock, would be the safest option.

Alternate drawer

While the nightstand is not only the most common gun storage space, it is also the quickest target for intruders; the same cannot be said about any other drawer in your bedroom. Keeping the gun in the wardrobe drawers, for instance, would serve the purpose of keeping the gun handy yet out of quick sight at the same time. If there are children or unexpected visitors in your house, you can choose the highest drawer in your room to keep the gun out of easy reach.

Gun safe

A gun safe is perhaps the best place where to keep your gun safe, not only to protect it from going off unintended but also to protect it from falling into the hands of intruders in case of an unfortunate event. You don’t always have to lock the safe with multi-codes, which can itself become a barrier to quickly retrieving the gun if needed. Instead a simple fingerprint lock safe would do the job just perfectly. During the day or if there are children around the house, you can always lock the safe with extra security and bid your security worries goodbye.

Fix a magnetic gun mount near your bed

This option has all the benefits of keeping the gun in a safe with the added benefit of being a cheaper option as well. One popular choice for such a gun mount can be Comfort Tac’s MG magnetic gun mount. It is one of the premium quality options with powerful 35 lbs rated rubber coat magnets. It will keep your gun safe and away from falling into wrong hands, you will have easy access to it in case you need your gun, and on top of it all there will be no scratches on the firearm unlike other storing methods. The mount elegantly conceals your gun and you can install it yourself with easy installation guidelines that come with it. This brand of gun mount can hold all types of firearms from glocks and colts.

The Kitchen Pantry

Adding a small gun cabinet to the shelves of your kitchen pantry is one of the least obvious yet most secure places in the house to keep a gun. For one, the thieves are not interested in the kitchen, and two, children in the house or guests coming over also have a lesser chance of wandering into the kitchen. Even from a tactical point of view, the kitchen is the place where grown-ups spend most of their day time which means that in case you need to retrieve your gun during the day, the kitchen is where you would most likely be and you will have quick access to your gun.

A closet in the guest room/near the front door

The idea is to keep the gun handy yet out of sight, so either of these two options would work just fine. If you have a guest room in your house, chances are that unless you have overnight guests staying, no one would be going into that room anyways. Like the kitchen, guest rooms are also not among the targeted rooms by intruders. Alternatively, keeping your gun in the closet near the entrance to your house would be better suited to preparedness in case you need to get your gun in your hands. If you notice any fishy activity on your front door, you can prepare yourself before answering the door as well.

Bottom line

Keeping a gun in the house is as much a necessity in neighborhoods as it is a risk. Therefore, wherever in the house you choose to store your firearms, be prepared where to keep your guns safe. Keep your roommates or family members apprised of the situation as well. This is all the more important if you have children in the house. Keeping the gun out of their reach is only half the job, while the more important half is to educate them on never trying to retrieve the gun and staying safe from it as well.