Woman jogging at night wearing a belly band concealed carry gun holster

What Every Woman Should Know About Comfortably Running with A Gun

Did you know that roughly one percent of all women sometimes carry a firearm while running?

According to a recent survey from Runner’s World, a lot of women are running strapped more frequently and for a lot of the obvious reasons you’d imagine. 

If you’re a female runner, you know that it’s practically impossible to ever feel 100 percent safe when you are out running alone. There are certainly precautions you can take to protect yourself while running, but it’s also completely impossible to eliminate every risk that comes along with running solo.

If you’re thinking about running with a gun, there are many things  to consider, and choosing to carry a gun is only one part of it. How you can carry safely and comfortably is equally as important, including the selection of a gun holster that will not impede your running session. There are a lot of choices out there, but for me, it comes down to safety and comfort. 

Why should a woman run with a gun? 

What is the major motivator for a woman to carry a gun on a run? 

Personally, it’s fear. 

See, I’ve been running my entire life. I’ve done marathons, obstacle courses, and everything in between. I think of running as the ultimate self-help. It’s my escape, my solitude, and a safe space to clear my mind from worries. What’s my story? Well here goes. 

I used to get up every day at dawn for morning rituals: wake up, drink a good beet extract, and put my feet to the streets. Then in 2019, a few women were robbed on the trails near my building, including my neighbor, Tracy. 

This wasn’t the usual heckling or catcalling every female runner has come to expect— this was an actual robbery, and it stunned me. Downtown Houston is well-lit, but it’s the city, right? Crime happens. And yet, self defense while running was something I'd rarely considered before these crimes happened. Once they did, I began to change my perspective.

Smart self-defense for women matters 

Self-defense comes in many forms and functions. Chances are, if you’re a female and you’re looking to run with a gun, you know how to handle it. But for safety reasons, knowing how to handle it is a must. This is serious business, so take courses at the gun range and study online for every safety precaution you can take. 

Down here in Texas, there are a lot of women out there who are carrying while running, and there are certainly courses to brief you on the basics. My daddy taught me how to shoot guns when I was 10 years old while growing up in rural Mississippi, but even so, I took a local course on handguns and learned through Facebook groups how to safely run with a gun.

Ankle gun holster for running

An ankle holster is fastened with a hook & loop system, but in my research on gun holsters for running, most women say these are incredibly uncomfortable for carrying while running. Plus they can be dangerous and hard to reach in an emergency. This is probably the least suitable holster for running. 

Woman jogging safely at sun set with an IWB holster

Comfortable way to carry a gun while running 

I did a ton of research online, and for me, I landed on a bell band/body wrap style holster since they don’t limit the position of where your belt sits on your waist. I specifically went with a Comfort Tac. It’s a soft holster that can be worn comfortably inside my waistband and comes with an easy left or right hand draw. 

Because I am not interested in running around like Yosemite Sam, it’s the perfect low profile EDC. Plus, for a lefty like me, having the ability to draw from either side was definitely a selling factor. 

5 Considerations For Running with a Gun 

Concealed carry gun holsters for running come in a variety of sizes and shapes. When it comes to the different types, there’s plenty you can do to make yourself comfortable along the way, and that starts with choosing the most comfortable gun holster for women running. What are the takeaways here? 

  • This is a big decision. Do your homework on holsters and learn how you can take specific steps to ensure your safety. 
  • If you’ve chosen to run with a gun, there are holsters that make running safer and more comfortable.
  • Consider a belly band or soft holster for running. 
  • Buy a women’s gun holster that fits your body.
  • Join Facebook groups and online gun safety resources to learn how you can safely carry a gun while running.