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We all know camping helps refresh the soul, but safety in the outdoors is more important than ever. If you're planning a camping trip soon, what are the most essential things to have to keep yourself or your family safe?

A lot of things could potentially happen, including intruders, or encountering wildlife (like bears). Bringing a high-quality gun is important for the utmost protection throughout the entire trip.

Take a look at the things you need to properly carry a gun to protect yourself, plus other essential camping gear.

Should You Bring a Gun While Camping?

No one should be afraid to bring a gun with them while camping since protecting yourself is vital when out in the wild. You never know what you're going to encounter out there. Something menacing could come from humans as much as a wild animal.

If you worry carrying a gun to a camping ground is illegal, know that a federal law put in place back in 2010 makes it possible. Anyone can carry a firearm into national parks throughout the U.S. as long as you follow all state laws.

Keep in mind you can't hunt or fire guns in national parks without a special permit. Make sure you get the permit before you do any shooting since you don't want to deal with expensive fines.

Otherwise, camping on public lands might pose other dangers, making acquiring a handgun a smart investment. Consider that intruders could easily infiltrate your campsite if out in a remote area.

While some argue the case criminals are sometimes in the city more than in the remote wilderness, there isn't any real way to know. Sometimes criminals hide in remote areas to get away from civilization.

The worst-case scenario is possibly being attacked by wildlife. Some types of wildlife could potentially attack you at your campsite, like:

  • Cougars. In some places, it's still illegal to hunt cougars, making their population grow larger in recent years.
  • Bears. We all know about bears and what they can do. Your handgun can perhaps mean the difference between life and death if attacked by a grizzly.
  • Coyotes. These are also a problem in recent years, and often come too close to civilization. Firing off a handgun can at least scare them away.
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What Other Essentials Should You Not Forget While Camping?

Along with a gun, what else should you bring to enhance your safety and enjoyment of the trip? Most important is bringing proper clothing to dress for the weather. When in the outdoors, you can often be surprised at how extreme the weather gets.

Bring a waterproof coat and sweater with you just in case it rains or gets cold. Also, bring a sun hat since you might be hiking in the bright sun for long hours.

Don't forget to bring the right type of camping food as well. Dehydrated foods and trail mix are still standards and easy to carry. Carrying water is also essential since dehydration is all too easy when on long hikes.

If you're camping in a tent, be sure to bring a lightweight sleeping bag, a camping pillow, a high-powered flashlight, a camping chair/table, and a lantern. All of these keep you comfortable and safer in the dark.

Of course, the type of gun you take for the camping excursion is just as essential. What type of gun do you really need? 

Guns for Camping vs. Guns for Hunting

From a protection standpoint, some still think it's unnecessary to bring a gun, even if those opinions usually come from individuals with little experience in the wild. 

Things can easily change if you're going camping to hunt, specifically. In this scenario, you'll clearly be taking a very different type of gun with you. As examples:

  • A Ruger 10/22. Known for its lightweight qualities and lower price, carrying a rifle is still a bulky scenario. It's impossible to carry in a small holster.
  • A Marlin 336. Many deer hunters use these due to their quick-handling feel. Still, it does have a heavy recoil, making a hunting rifle more problematic while hiking.
  • A Winchester Model 70. A true classic for hunting, yet a little heavy with its wood stock.

The best camping handguns for self-protection from wildlife are:

  • A .357 Magnum due to its lightweight qualities and better shooting accuracy.
  • A Glock 20
  • A .44 Magnum, perfect for killing or scaring away bears you might encounter while camping in the wilderness.

Find the Right Gun Holster

For the utmost safety, owning a gun holster is another camping essential. Keeping a gun safely tucked into a holster is a must to avoid the gun being fired by accident.

You have safe ways of doing this right on your person to avoid carrying your gun in a bulky bag. The best type of holster is one fitting snugly near the side of your stomach so your gun is easy to grab.

A good example is our Ultimate Belly Band Holster here at ComfortTac. This holster is designed to carry your gun in position, whether you're left or right-handed. Best of all, it's compatible with any type of firearm, including wearable up to a 54-inch waist.

Another type of gun holster at our store is another must-have. Consider an ankle holster, one of our most popular products with campers. These are made to help you grab your gun in a hurry while still giving you superior concealability. 

Hiding your gun is vital if initially being attacked by an animal or person. What you need is a holster with accessibility from either side of your body, something our holsters provide while bringing the best comfort. Flexible neoprene is the key element of the comfort level.

What Other Firearm Accessories Should You Bring?

An effective gun holster is vital, yet other ways to transport your gun to your camping site also need consideration. Remember, you have to transport your gun in some way in your car while traveling.

A good way to do this is to find a magnetic gun holder. More people use these as a way to discreetly store their guns in their cars or trucks while still having quick access.

Our magnetic gun holders are made for either a single gun or for two. You can place them anywhere, even at home.

Thanks to the strong magnetic hold, you don't have to worry about your gun falling off the holder when driving in bumpy terrain.

More Gun Safety Tools as Camping Essentials

Don't forget about other gun accessories to make camping a more enjoyable and safer experience. Two things that should go on your list:

  • Rifle and Shotgun Recoil Pads. Having these helps you avoid any injury when firing your gun. They reduce recoil up to 70%, which helps you avoid potential pain to your shoulder or arm. We've made them so they also help increase your accuracy.
  • A Heavy Duty ETC Tactical Belt. We've made these with stiffened 2-ply nylon webbing to let you wear your holsters without rollover problems. Not only can you attach your holster to this, but also your mags and pouches. Being rip-resistant, it's another must in your camping travels.

Get What Every Camper Should Have

At ComfortTac, we have the avid camper in mind with the best quality materials for your firearm. Come shop with us to find comfortable carry holsters, accessories, and gun cleaning kits that are built to last for the most rugged trip.

Your camping essentials are now set, other than creating the best timing with the weather.