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Amazing Gifts for Gun Owners On Your List! | Holiday Gift Guide

- ComfortTac Brand Team
Gifts for Gun Owners | ComfortTac

Are you looking for gifts for gun owners and lovers? What if you have a partner who enjoys hunting, a parent who enjoys target shooting, or maybe even a woman who understands how to defend herself? The following are lists of fantastic gun presents that any gun lover would be thrilled to receive!

Why not buy a gun or parts?

Most gun aficionados are passionate about their weapons and know the precise model number they are looking for. If you don't know what gun they want or what components they require, don't interfere. Make no mistake, they still need a lot of things to fulfill their aspirations! Let's dive in and give you some great gift ideas in various categories such as gun safety, shooting gifts for women, gun accessories and home gifts for gun lovers.

Gun Safety Gifts for Gun Owners

Safety is the number one priority of any gun owner. From permits to safes and target practice equipment there is a large range of gifts that would help them keep tight control over their guns. These are the top four categories gift-givers can think about getting:

  1. A Safe, either small or large, can help protect the other members of the household or prevent the firearms from being taken during a break-in. Travel safes are often the best gifts, they are small and can be easily carried.
  2. Safety reaches even into the wardrobe! Protect shoulders during their skeet shoot with a specially designed shirt that has a padded patch to place the rifle or shotgun in. It can help reduce the pain from recoil! There are also recoil pads available for the butt of the gun.
  3. A gun lock can keep a weapon from discharging unintentionally. Be responsible while having your firearm within arm's reach! These locks can be quickly unlocked in the event of an emergency.
  4. Safety goggles and earmuffs are necessary for any range shooting. Make sure they can protect their eyes and ears from the damaging sounds and flying debris with the best possible safety gear!

Shooting Gifts for the Ladies

Shooting Gifts for the Ladies

You can't just say men have all the fun shooting! Women also love competition shooting or hunting. So, what can we get a gun-loving lady?

  1. A hip holster or a heavy duty tactical belt will allow her to hide her gun under her shirt if she has a permit to carry it. Elastic bands keep the gun snugly in place as she moves about her daily routine safely.
  2. Gun jewelry is popular as well, from necklaces to earrings to rings and hairpieces. Women love to accessorize with their own passions, so why not let her have a diamond-studded Winchester rifle necklace?
  3. A lady who loves guns would love them as décor on her clothes and accessories. Look for a purse with a hunting or skeet shooting design or shotgun shoes. There are many funny t-shirts available for the gun-loving lady to don, even just going to the grocery store!

The Best Gun Accessories Gifts

Ok, so you want to give your gun lover something to use with their guns. No problem! There are several things that can benefit gun lovers while they are shooting and after. Take a peek at the gifts below!

  1. Range targets make an excellent gift. Especially if they are the type that has a neon splatter for higher visibility when looking for your shots. Other popular options are the human-shaped ones, or you can order a customized target!
  2. Straps to carry the long guns over their shoulder would be good for hunters that stomp through the woods looking for their prey. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction while leaving your hands free to navigate the terrain.
  3. Sights and magazine counters are helpful accessories to have. Laser sights show exactly where the gun is aimed while digital magazine counters display how many rounds are left.
  4. Spotter equipment like a scope and gun rest, also magnetic gun mounts could help those shooting long-range targets in their practice. Gun rests come in various types from on the ground tripods to sandbags for tabletops. Spotter scopes can also come with a rest for more accurate sighting.

4 Home Gifts for Gun Owners and Lovers

Passion for their guns doesn't stop at the gun range door! Shower them with home décor that is funny and caters to their passions. These four categories will have you rolling on the floor laughing while choosing the perfect gift!

  1. Wall décor may not be what you think of when you think of gifts for the gun lover in your family. However, there are the targets and gun-shaped bottle cap maps for the gun and beer lover, various signs from the old west saloon days, and even a decorative box that slides out to reveal a gun hiding place.
  2. Save your furniture from water rings with a 20-gauge shotgun coaster. The holder has the classic red shell design to help accent your other shotgun-related décor!
  3. Gun lovers have to clean their guns sometimes! Fix them up with gun cleaning kits and accessories. Keep your table clean with a gun cleaning mat!

    It's practically a given that a gun enthusiast would like anything that has to do with guns. With such a large following, there is no limit to what may be attained. Gun holsterscarrying bagsmagnetic gun mounts, cleaning kits, and mats are among the most popular products and gifts for gun owners. Count on Comfort Tac for all of your gun enthusiast gift needs! With a wide selection of holsters, magnetic mounts, and cleaning equipment there is bound to be something your gun lover will love.