The ComfortTac No Weasel Policy

Hi I'm Joe Cochran creator of The Ultimate Belly Band Holster and The Ultimate Ankle Holster and founder of ComfortTac. Since the start of this company it has been my mission to...

Create the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet!

But as my business grew my mission expanded. Not only did I want to create what I felt would be the highest quality and most comfortable holsters on the planet. I also wanted to make sure the people who supported us, you, the customer, was always taken care of.

The truth is there's nothing more annoying than being told "I'm sorry we can't do that" or "oh you don't have your original packaging, sorry, we can't take that back" or "oh, you tried it on, sorry, we can't take that back".

You can too take it back you've just decided not to, because, well, it's company policy.

That's why I created the "No Weasel" policy. The No Weasel Policy is simply this...

Take care of the customer. No lame excuses!

Now I'll be brutally honest. I don't believe "the customer is always right". I've been in a service based business for all of my working life and let me tell you some people are downright nuts. But what I do believe is this...

Even if the customer is wrong you should still take care of them!

So, if you ever contact our customer service and get some sort of lame weasel excuse of why we can't do something for you please contact me directly and let me know. First of all I'll be sure to get you taken care of. Second of all I'll be sure to remind whoever tried to weasel that we don't do things like that around here.

That is my promise to you.


Phone: (844) 332-5017 (just ask for Joe)