Ultimate Spare Magazine Pouch for Belly Band Holster

Ultimate Spare Magazine Pouch for Belly Band Holster


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The new Ultimate Spare Magazine Pouch With Adjustable Retention Strap is still backed with hook and loop fasteners but we added "wings" to the pouch so it will sit flat on the belly band.

We used an adjustable nylon strap for the retention strap to allow this spare mag pouch to fit any size magazine including full size double stack mags and full size 1911 mags. We made the strap wide to cover more of the magazine so it won't slide to the side on mags with a slanted bottom.

While we normally don't like to have hook and loop for retention straps on your firearm due to the noise created from tearing away to draw your firearm, having hook and loop on the spare mag is fine because let's face it, if you're pulling your spare mag you probably aren't worried about making noise.