The Protector Leather IWB Holster - 1911 Style

The Protector Leather IWB Holster - 1911 Style

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  • MADE FROM GENUINE BULLHIDE LEATHER: We use thick sturdy gun leather measuring 4.5 to 5 mm thick and heavy duty stitching to ensure your holster will last a lifetime. The reinforced top band keeps your holster open when wearing inside your waistband for easy reholstering. Smooth buffed edges deliver a clean finished look and comfortable feel.
  • FITS MOST 1911 STYLE PISTOLS: Including Springfield Armory, Kimber, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Ruger Remington, and more.
  • STRONG SPRING METAL BELT CLIP: Ensures your holster stays put when you draw your firearm. Clip will fit a belt up to 2" wide.

  • FAST SMOOTH DRAW: After the typical 5-10 day break in period our leather holster will provide a fast smooth draw with sturdy and dependable weapon retention. The Protector Line of leather holsters will deliver effective concealment and comfort for every day carry.
  • TOTAL COMFORT AND PROTECTION: The protector leather IWB holster has maximum comfort, allowing you to discreetly and easily carry your weapon granting you with easy removability and durability that ensures you are protected.

  • EASY CLIP AND REMOVAL: The extra strong belt clip helps keep your holster in place when you remove the gun allowing from a smooth and quick draw of the gun.

  • FULL LENGTH SWEAT GUARD: For maximum comfort and ease when using this holster discreetly there is a full length sweat guard protecting your gun from damage and your skin from contact.

  • HEAVY DUTY STITCHING: Often overlooked, stitching is an important aspect to consider when looking to buy a holster. The protector leather IWB holster has strong stitches so that they don’t unwind over time.

  • BUFFED EDGES: For a finished look that is both sophisticated and elegant the IWB leather holster comes with buffed edges which complement its comfort with good looks.

  • PREMIUM FULL GRAIN BULLHIDE LEATHER: This premium leather has not been sanded or buffed resulting in a sturdy product and provides the safest experience all while providing you with that desirable grainy leather finish.
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: All the required accessories come included when you buy your IWB holster leaving you without any worries for buying additional materials for your gun.