Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster

Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster

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Every Other Fanny Pack Holster Was Doing It Wrong...

That's what we realized when we were doing the R&D for the Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster. I'll explain in a minute. But first, here's a little bit about how we develop products.

Our typical process for developing new products is to go out and buy every single competitors product on the market for our market research.

Then we go to our local ranges, meet with friends and family, and generally talk to every single person we can about the products to get consumer feedback and ideas for improvement.

We have people try them on, give them the products for a week or two and give us feedback, and of course we eat, sleep, and breath the products during this time.

(My wife, Danielle, just loves this stage because I get completely obsessed about the products and can't seem to talk about anything else)

The next step is to collect all the feedback we've received and start coming up with ideas and solutions to issues reported. This is a very fun stage as we let our imaginations run wild and really try to think outside the box.

In the case of the Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster we got all the way to the point where we had developed our second prototype before we realized that every fanny pack holster on the market was doing it wrong...

Every competitors fanny pack holster was designed to hold the gun horizontally in the holster like this...

That results in two MAJOR ISSUES!

1. UNSAFE - If anyone is walking next to you your gun will be pointing at them. When holstering and unholstering (two of the most common times for accidental discharge) you are literally pointing the gun in an unsafe direction. This goes against everything we've learned about safe gun handling.

2. UNNATURAL DRAW - The horizontal position puts your gun in an unnatural drawing position. So, when it is time to draw your gun, instead of drawing your gun like every other holster in existence, you will have to pull your gun sideways, across your body, to get it out of the holster, all while it is pointed in an unsafe direction.

That's why we designed our Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster to carry your gun vertically, like every other holster you've ever owned.

The Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster is feature rich

  • Two spare magazine pouches that won't rub up against your gun damaging the finish like so many of our competitors products did. There's also plenty of room to get a grip on your gun without interfering with the spare mags.
  • We used YKK zippers which are industry standard for military and police gear and accessorized them with rope pulls to eliminate any jingling that might be caused by metal zipper pulls (see our video for a demonstration of another competitors product with metal zipper pulls and you'll know why we used rope pulls).

  • Ambidextrous design on the holster will work for left and right hand draw.

  • Foam Padding behind the gun prevents pain from pressure points on your hip while foam padding in front of the gun prevents items in the front pockets like keys from damaging the finish on your gun.

  • Front pockets are large enough for almost any smart phone, keys, wallet, knife, etc. 3 pockets offer plenty of room for all your extras.

  • 2 holster sizes ensure a snug fit for your gun and spare magazines. The Small will fit most subcompact pistols like Ruger LCP or Glock 42 while the Medium is better suited for larger compact pistols like the Glock 26.