Ultimate Belly Band Holster - Deep Concealment Edition

Ultimate Belly Band Holster - Deep Concealment Edition

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The Ultimate Belly Band Holster - Deep Concealment

Patent Pending Retention Strap

Feedback from our customers told us to change the retention strap on the original Ultimate Belly Band Holster from a metal clasp to a snap for a faster smoother draw.

Some feedback also told us to redesign the location of the retention strap to allow you to wear the holster deep below your waistband while still providing access to the retention strap and weapon.

With the Ultimate Belly Band - Deep Concealment you can simply release the snap as you lift your shirt to draw your gun in one smooth motion. This has proven to increase draw speed while reducing the need to build muscle memory.

3 Sizes For A Perfect Fit

Next we made the band in 3 sizes so those with a small waist wouldn't have so much extra material. This provides a custom fit for everyone.

Medium (Fits Belly Up To 37")
Large (Fits Belly Up To 42")
Extra Large (Fits Belly Up To 53")

NOTE: Measure your belly or hips (whichever is larger) for a proper fit. Do not go by your pant size. If you are between sizes or would prefer a little extra material go up one size.