Ultimate Ankle Holster

Ultimate Ankle Holster

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The Ultimate Ankle Holster offers superior concealability for your main or backup weapon all in a comfortable and versatile package.

Ambidextrous Design

Carry on either your right or left leg, inside or outside your ankle, and draw with either left or right hand.

The Ultimate Ankle holster is ambidextrous so it easily accommodates all shooters and allows you to carry in any position on your leg.

Unbelievable Comfort

We used the same special blend of neoprene used on our belly band which allows this ankle holster to flex and move as you move while staying rigid enough to keep your gun tucked tightly against your leg.

Don't be fooled by the cheap knock offs! Not all neoprene is created equal and we have spent countless hours testing and perfecting our neoprene blend.

A foam pad insert behind the gun holster protects your ankle from contact with the gun to provide superior comfort.

Fast Silent Draw

Our industrial grade metal snap and elastic retention strap provide secure gun retention and a fast silent draw in case you're ever caught in a sticky situation.

We don't use hook and loop fasteners for our retention straps as the loud RIIIIP! sound gives away your position when drawing your weapon.

The elastic retention strap stretches to accommodates many different sized guns with ease and is sewn inside the holster so it does not itch your leg.

As always we have taken every step to ensure that you stay comfortable while securely carrying your firearm of choice.

Flexible Holster Fits Most Compact and Subcompact Guns

The surgical grade elastic holster is double layered for superior strength and can fit a wide range of guns from micro pocket pistols to subcompact and even compact pistols.

It will fit a Glock 26 with a double stacked magazine, the Glock 42 and 43 with or without laser attachments, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 with or without the laser, Ruger LCP, LC9, the M&P Shield and many, many more.

For the best fit ensure that your gun measures no more than 6.5" Long (measure the overall length).